1. masque, false face, vizard, visor, domino, grotesque face, Halloween mask.
2. swim mask, snorkel mask, diving helmet.
3. theatrical mask, tragic mask, comic mask, witchdoctor's mask; death mask, life mask.
4. disguise, guise, cover, camouflage, incognito, veil; mummery, shield, deflection, false front, false colors, pretense, obscuration; false identity, Inf. cover, pseudonym, alias.
5. masker, mask wearer, masquer, mummer, mime, domino; disguiser, incognito, Zorro; secret agent, undercover man, spy, double agent, government agent, U.S. narcotics agent, U.S. Inf. narc, U.S.F.B.I, agent, U.S.C.I.A. agent, vice-squad member, plainclothes policeman or policewoman; imposter, wolf in sheep's clothing, pretender, poseur, fraud, charlatan, Inf. fake, Inf. faker, bluffer, Inf. bluff; milk masquerading as cream.
6. protective mask, surgeon's mask, industrial mask, shop mask, safety goggles, gas mask; hockey goalie's mask, catcher's mask, fencer's mask, skier's mask, football facemask.
7. masquerade, masque. See masquerade(def.1).
8. disguise, conceal, hide, obscure; screen, cloak, shroud, cover; dissimulate, feign, put on, pretend, fake, put on an act, posture, sail under false colors, put on a false front, Inf. four-flush; Inf. dish bull, deceive, beguile, Inf. pull the wool over [s.o.'s] eyes, hood-wink, flim-flam; conceal the real facts, act hypocritical, be deceptive, make pretensions; lie, be mendacious, be untruthful, deceive; be Machiavellian, be two-faced.
9. masquerade, put on a mask, veil, masque, adopt a disguise, disguise oneself; go incognito, Inf. go underground, Inf. fade into the woodwork, affect a pseudonym.

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